DX Lessons Learned from Disney’s California Adventure Theme Park

The Line for the Cars Ride Looks just Like the Movie

Make it Accessible to As Many People As Possible

Animatronic storm troopers from the Rise of the Resistance Ride at Disneyland

Don’t Scare Me Away Before I Start

The line for the Guardians of the Galaxy Ride is Full of Strange Sights

The Journey Needs to be Enjoyable

The ranger station from the Grizzly River Run ride is part of the line

Anticipate Creative Use / Abuse

Load Instructions for the Guardians of the Galaxy Ride

Provide Smooth Transitions and Clear Directions

My family enjoying the Cars ride in a phone capture of the purchasable souvenir photo

Celebrate Our Victories with Our Friends




UI Engineering Leader

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Jamund Ferguson

Jamund Ferguson

UI Engineering Leader

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