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  • Resi Respati

    Resi Respati

    Professional web developer by day, unprofessional human being by night.

  • David Qorashi

    David Qorashi

    Software Engineer living in the Bay Area

  • Maren Slider

    Maren Slider

    Dev Mom?, Mom Dev? Mom & Dev

  • Jo Franchetti

    Jo Franchetti

    Developer Advocate

  • Joe Ludwig

    Joe Ludwig

  • Pierre Rouhard

    Pierre Rouhard

  • Sean Zhai

    Sean Zhai

    { coding for something beautiful } algorithmic art, data visualization, aesthetic computing & digital poetry.

  • Meg Conley

    Meg Conley

    A writing woman. GEN, Human Parts, Bravery Magazine. Subscribe to my FREE πŸŽ‰ newsletter about home culture here: https://megconley.substack.com

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