My Journey as a Self-Taught Engineer

6th grade with loads of flannel and my Jansport backpack

First Website

Super futuristic design by Finn of Punk Rock MBA fame

A Full-Time Job

Enter JQuery

Transitioning to Node.js

In love with node.js

Startup Woes

A Mentor

Big Tech Life

A Conclusion

  • Learn from Everyone After landing a tech job learn from absolutely everyone. Ask a million questions and read as much as you can.
  • Work Hard & Take Breaks Work as hard as you can without burning out. Don’t sacrifice your family or health, but stay focused and determined.
  • Become an Expert Find something your coworkers don’t like to do and get really good at it. This will help build your value, your confidence and potentially open up new job opportunities.
  • Share What You Learn Once you learn something new, share it! Your insights & experiences matter and learning to communicate those ideas well will help you throughout your life.
  • Find a Mentor If you have the opportunity to work for someone you respect that can help guide your career, take it!




UI Engineering Leader

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Jamund Ferguson

Jamund Ferguson

UI Engineering Leader

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